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Product Description

Gummygel™ is used in confections,such as gummi bears .It's made from gelatin which is purified protein obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagenous raw materials.This product is usually supplied with 8-10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 mesh particle size.\t

Potential benefits
It foams, gels, or solidifies into a piece that dissolves slowly or melts in the mouth.

Directions for use
1.Soak the gelatin in cold water for 60 minutes so that the gelatin absorbs sufficient water.
2.Then water bathing it with 80℃ water until it is fully melted.
3. It's NOT recommended to use boiling water for the melting procedure and please follow the principle of "Soak and melt just as much what you need"


Physical/chemical specifications
Yellow or Yellowish granular
Particle Size(Mesh)
8-10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60
Gel Strength (6.67%,10°C/Bloom,g)
Viscosity (6.67%,60°C,mPa·s)
Transparency (5%,mm)
Loss on drying(%)
≤ 14
PH (1.0%)
4.5- 6.5
Water Insolubles(%)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂,mg/kg)
Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂, mg/kg)

Microbiological specifications
Aerobic Plate Count (cfu/g)
Coli Group (MPN/g)
Escherichia Coli
Negative in 10g
Negative in 25g

Heavey metal specifications
Arsenic (mg/kg)
Chromium (mg/kg)
Lead mg/kg)
Zinc (mg/kg)
Heavy Metals in total (mg/kg)

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Packing & Delivery

Packaging: 25 KG/BAG, Packed in multi-layer poly-lined film-coated craft paper bags.
Storage: Must be stored over dry platforms, in ventilated store-rooms, at ambient temperatures.
Delivery Details: 15 days after confirming the order.

Company Profile

FOODMATE CO., LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of Gelatin, Fimctional Animal Protein and Collagen Peptides. Meanwhile, we are fully certified with HALAL, KOSHER, ISO, HACCP, and Veterinary (Health) Certificates. Additionally, to provide customer with superior quality, we adopt the super strict quality control system in factory, which comply to the USP/NF/ National GMP standard as well.



1.What is your MOQ ?
To fully support customer to develop their market, we are able to provide 1000 kilograms for their first order.

2.Do you have the Veterinary (Health) Certificate for each shipment ?
Yes, as a gelatin manufacturer, we are able to provide it, because we know most customers need it for custom dearance.

3.What is your package ?
To avoid any damage during shipping, we use the best quality packing bag with the water-proof and strongest material. (25KG/bag, 750KG/pallet)

4.What is your loading quantity ?
1)20' FCL: 17.5 MT for 20' FCL (without pallet)
2)40' FCL: 25.5 MT for 40' FCL (with paUet)

5.What is your lead time ?
Around 20 days after order confirmation.

6.What are your payment terms ?
T/T is our first preference, but if customer insist to use L/C, we are also available to adopt the L/C at sight.

7.Is it possible to get sample before trial order ?
We are very happy to provide customer samples for supporting them to do marketing in their local market.

8.Is it possible to share your best gelatin recommendations based on my application ?
Yes, otir R&D and application center can support to recommend you the most suitable gelatin products.

9.Is it possible to povide your right product as per our gelatin specification ?
Yes, to meet customer special gelatin requirement, we can support to provide you the satisfying product.

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