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Usually divided into two types of tanker and tanker
The vehicle chassis is equipped with a tank body and an oil discharge pipeline to form an oil transport vehicle; On the basis of the oil truck, the pump system is added to form the fuel truck. The tank car is normal temperature (normal atmospheric pressure metal tank environment working temperature is -40 - +50ºC, non-metal tank is -20 - +40ºC), atmospheric pressure tank car, divided into two categories, semi tanker, the main shipment of gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil and lubricating oil and other liquid oil.

Cautions for refueling truck use
The fuel truck is strictly prohibited from idling the oil pump in the process of use, so as not to increase the temperature of the oil pump and cause damage to the internal gear. (In order to prevent static electricity, the pump is mostly nylon gear)
There are several conditions that are easy to cause the pump to run idle
1. The vehicle is accidentally hooked into the oil pump to take force and idling
2. When pumping oil into the tank, it cannot be sucked into idling normally due to the leakage in the pipeline
3. When refueling the blocked vehicles with hand oil gun, wait for the next vehicle before refueling, and the oil pump is idle for a long time during the waiting process
4. The oil pump operation is completed, and the extraction force cannot be disengaged in time.

Manufacturing Technique

Product name
Fuel Tank Tanker Truck
Emission standard
Tank Thickness
Chassis brand
Driving type
6x4 8x4 4x2
WD615.87 WD 615.47
Tanker truck
Tanker Truck
Fuel tanker truck

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