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Jiaxiao spot welding pin machine



Product Benefit:


rate capacity35KVA63KVA100KVA
rate voltage input380V380V380V
rate frequency50HZ50HZ50HZ
Max.short-cut current15KA19KA27KA
Max.welding input79KVA139KVA207KVA
Duty cyclce15%15%15%
Arm dimension 200*420mm220*420mm220*420MM
Max.pressing force2500N3900N6100N
Cylinder stroke60mm60mm60mm
Consumer of cooling water≥3.0L/min≥3.5L/min≥4L/min
Electrode headΦ13mmΦ16mmΦ20mm
Electrode holderΦ20mmΦ25mmΦ30mm
Electrode armΦ44mmΦ49mmΦ59m
Projection /110*130mm120*130mm
Welding ability2mm+2mm3mm+3mm4mm+4mm
Dimension 950*430*1450mm960*460*1500mm1020*490*1580mm



1.Transformer is made of copper and epoxy resins with cooling water and low resistance,low loss and high output, good seismic performance, high power factor, transformer can be replaced without charge in five yeas because of quality defects.


2.Microcomputer constant pressure/current controller, three sections discharging,can control each welding time and welding current accurately,easy to operate.


3.The upper and lower arms are entire plate and " C " structure, which make the machine body having good rigidity. The main axis of the cylinder is designed with big and small axis, fall down fast and reduce shock. These designd promise the high and steadily welding quality.


4. Reasonable secondary circuit structure, high quality conductive material, which reduces circuit impedance greatly and makes sure high efficiency and saving energy welding.


5.Air storage tank in the front and muffler in the back can reduce the room for installing air storage tank, make working pressure more steadily and reduce the noise of echausting gas.


6.The pressure regulator and pressure gauge in the front are convenient to operate and look more comfortable. Toolbox is designed by separating electrical box room to place file, sandpaper, and handle forunloading electrode conveniently.


7.The asymmetric body design is introduced firstly in China. It has the benefits of compact structure, convenient to transport, install, and maintain. The disign is more humanizing and industrialized.


8. It is widely used in hardware, electrical appliances, automotive, aerospace and other fields of high quality welding requirements.


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