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Toni&Guy Hair Growth Salon Brand Professional Shampoo

Product Characteristics Tonk golden shampoo 800ML.jpg:


1. This shampoo contains plant extract essence. It can deeply moisturize head skin and hair; make the hair soft and smooth, improve hair quality,  rapidly repair frail and branched and damaged hair, prevent dry and knotted hair.


2. This shampoo contains multi-vitamins and mineral which can help supplement part of hair that is losing amino acid in the process of perming or dyeing or daily with nutrient, make the hair recover luster, moisture and resilience


3.This shampoo is especially applicable to hair dyeing, permanent wave and various chemical hair treatments, suitable for using it daily . 


Usage Tips:

1. Apply proper amount of shampoo, equally spread it on the wetted hair, and massage it until it is being bubbled.

2. Gently massage it with finger for three minutes, accelerate nutrition fully absorbed,then clean it with fresh water.



                  Tonk golden shampoo 800ML.jpg

300 ml / pc , 48 pcs / ctn

500 ml / pc , 36 pcs / ctn

800 ml / pc , 24 pcs / ctn 

5000 ml/ pc,  6  pcs/  ctn













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