Катионный реагент 69% QUAT 188 CAS


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CTA:Cationic Etherifying Agent 69%(Same as QUAT188) 


Trade name: Cationic Etherifying Agent   

Product name: 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl ammonium chloride 69% solution

Synonyms: CTA 69%

CAS No: 3327-22-8

Chemical formula:ClCH2CH(OH)CH2N(Cl)(CH3)3

Structural formula:                    


Appearance: Colorless and transparent liquid





It is used for modifying (etherifying) starch, cellulose and related compounds, then these products changed to be cationic materials.


In alkaline conditions, CTA can react with hydroxyl of the material molecule. As CTA is cationic product, so the material is cationic after reacting with CTA.


With cations, properties of adhesion, affinity to anionic substance, solubility of water –insoluble substances and solubility of water-insoluble will be obviously improved.


3,Applications details as below:    


a,) Paper industry: It is mainly used as a liquid cationic etherification agent and massively used in cellulose, cellulose derivatives and starch transformation. When reacting with starch, it can produce cationic starch, which can be used as paper internal binder, paper reinforcer, and packing and fine cellulose interception auxiliaries

b,)Textile industry: Liquid cationic etherification agent CHPTAC reacts with cotton fibers and thus improve the bonding of the dye; and produces cationic starch when reacting with starch, which can be used as warp sizing agent.

c,)Water treatment industry: Suspended solids in water present electronegative, and shall produce cationic polymers when reacting with liquid cationic etherification agent CHPTAC, which are widely used in water purification as flocculants.

d,)Commodity chemical industry: Cationic guar generated when reacting with liquid cationic etherification agent CTA and other substances are important daily chemicals.




Compared with most domestic products, our product has high stable quality, high purity, high degree of response; effective high solid content, frozen low crystallinity, easy to use in all seasons.


In paper industry, cationic etherifying agent can improve the retention of fines and additives, and it also can enhance the force between fibers and additives.




Test Items



Colorless and transparent liquid


Easy soluble in water and ethanol

PH(10% solution)





5ppm max.


10ppm max.

Packing: 250kg/ plastic drum, 1MT/IBC, 22MTS/flexitank

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid the exposure, rain and high temperature. Do prevent packaging and containers being damaged, avoiding leakage. Keep away from  food, drink and animal feeding  stuffs.




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