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China high quality mine separator polyurethane hydrocyclone cyclone separator


Product Overviews

A hydrocyclone is a device to classify, separate or sort particles in a liquid suspension based on the ratio of their centripetal force to fluid resistance. This ratio is high for dense (where separation by density is required) and coarse (where separation by size is required) particles, and low for light and fine particles.  


1. Please mark out the model, quantity and spiral direction of the classifier while ordering.

2. The lengthened type (lengthening of sand return zone, lengthening of settling zone) can be designed and made according to customer demands, and the lengthening amount should be noted.

1.Specification of   hydrocyclone

Metal Mine Hydrocyclone, also called hydrocyclone design, is widely applied in mine-chosen technique in various metal mines.

In closed circuit grinding system, the hydrocyclone design features high classification efficiency and fine overfall fineness under high mine concentration. Classification efficiency is higher for 5-10% than common screw grader. It benefits for enhancing grader utilizing coefficient. Choose proper specification and mode concentration. This is precondition of getting the most optimized work condition.




2.Features of   hydrocyclone

• Low capital cost. 
• High efficiency for 5 - 200 micron particles.  
• Lack of moving parts reduces wear. 
• Continuous or batch removal of underflow requires virtually no downtime for maintenance or recovery. 
• Small relative to other separation equipment. 
• Can operate at a wide range of temperatures and pressures. 


3.structure of   hydrocyclone


4.Working principle of   hydrocyclone
A typical hydrocyclone design consists of a conically shaped vessel, open at its apex, or underflow, joined to a cylindrical section, which has a tangential feed inlet. The top of the cylindrical section is closed with a plate through which passes an axially mounted overflow pipe. The feedis introduced under the pressure through  the tangential entry which imparts swirling motion to the pulp. This generates a vortex in the cyclone. The light granules will be pulled out by a pump through the overflow pipe, while the heavy particles will be discharged with the pulp through the underflow discharge.



6.Application of   hydrocyclone
The hydrocyclone design is mainly applied to the process of second paragraph grinding, coarse or concentrate re-grinding and the closed-circuit composed by mechanical grading machine, its grading operation is according to the particle size. The device has features of simple structure, long service life, large disposal capability, small land covering and no driving power consumption. It is a high efficient grading and de-sliming equipment of fine -particle material. It is widely used in concentrator of nonferrous and ferrous, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries.
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Company Information
Company Information

Advantage of Chaishang:

Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co.,Ltd is one of the best manufactures of polyurethane vibrating screen mesh in China. We have been specialized in polyurethane products more than 18 years, and we have our own research and development department.

We can be searched by cleaning rubber conveyor belt, conveyor belt scraper, polyurethane belt scraper.



Main products:


We produce polyurethane mining accessories, like mining screen mesh, hydrocyclone, conveyor belt cleaner/scraper, rotor and stator, polyurethane lining pipe, etc.








Q: Are the samples free of charge?

AYes, all samples are free of charge. If you need the sample which is bigger than 

our prepared sample, a little of fee will be needed. And, the sample fee will be returned 

as soon as the order placed.

Q: How about the payment terms?

A: 50% in advance as deposit by TT,the balance payment before the shipment;

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: It is according to your quantity,normally 10 to 20 days;

Q: After sale service.

A:  Every product will be inspected strictly before delivery. We'll in charge of all losses if there is any quality problem. 

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