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Company Information
Fingerprint lock Walk through gate Three Arm Turnstiles Security Gates   


Specs & Picture




Net Weight 


Operating Time 

1sec Gate Control 

Passing speed

40~50 people/min

Readable cards

IC/ID card 

Protection grade



3,000,000 cycle

Tripod arm length


Passage width

≤600mm ( Fingerprint lock Turnstiles )

Communication interface


Drive motor

DC brushed motors(24V)

Working voltage


Housing material

SUS(304#),thickness is no less than 1.5mm

Working environment

Indoor; Outdoor (with shelter)

Working temperature


Relative humility

≤95%, no-condensation

Operating places 

Government agency, Subway station, Residential

Product Description



Running stably without noise and mechanical impact.
The passing person number of the persons can be set.
Several ways of working molds for your demand chosen.
Bi-direction or one direction permitted, one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds set by the buttons in the main control board.
Beam falling and lifting can be controlled in far distance so to satisfy the special requirement of the users and the request of fire protection. 
Direction-guide lights in the turnstile to tell you whether the direction to go or not.
The standard electrical interface connected with various kinds of reader and writer equipment.
 All the functions realized in one integration machine and controlled and managed by the computer in the far distance.
The number of the persons passed by can be counted automatically which can also be displayed in LED.
Beam can be lifted and fall when power is cut-off.
The function with or without card-reading memory cab be set according to your demand.
Self-check and alarm for convenient to operate.



Picture Details




Vertical Security Gate.jpg


Three Arm Turnstile Gates.jpg




Problem solving

1 . Does the  bidirectional tripod turnstile design come with a RS485 PC software?

The turnstile itself doesn’t come with a RS485 PC software,you need purchase the RS485 door access control  and card reader.But we suggest you purchase TCP/IP door access control and card reader.Because it doesn’t  need converter,and use internet cable it can directly communicate with a computer.Compare with RS485 door access control,It is more convenient and transfer speed much faster.


2.Can I communicate the bidirectional tripod turnstile design direct with a PC?

No,you can’t communicate the turnstile directly with a pc,because the main board just outputlow level signal,but pc can not receive low level signal,so the turnstile must connect a door access control then can connect with a pc.


3.They come with the complete command manual (if we want to develop our own software)?

For normal passage control,we have compete command manul for you.Many clients from different contries use our software,don’t need second develop.If your company has the ability to develop your own software, we can provide SDK to you.


4.Can I use just one access control control 2 pcs bidirectional tripod turnstile design ?

You can use one one access control for double doors to control 2pcs turnstile,but the 2 turnstiles must be very close,because if the distant is far,first,it will not convenient to set up the cable,second the singal will be less then can influence the whole facality.So,for 2 doors,we suggest you use 2 access control.


5.Does the  bidirectional tripod turnstile design have the RFID card reader inside it?

The turnstile itself doesn’t have RFID card reader inside it, you need set a  RFID card reader inside it.


6.If I want each bidirectional tripod turnstile design is bi-directional, do I need 2 sets card reader in it?

Yes,if you need bi-directional,you need set 2 sets card reader inside the turnstile.

Our Services


1. OEM Brand ,Logo ,Label available ;

2. One Years Standerd Warranty ,Excellent after-sales service 

3. 24*7 day at your service to give you best support 

4.  Detailed installation manual and wiring diagram to make everything be easy 

5.  If  you need , we can arrange our engineer to your location to give guide and support 


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