Sunwoald 110 мм полипропиленовый магнитный поплавковый датчик


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PP  Magnetic Reed Switch Float Switch

Product Description


Product Description


Working theory:


The magnetic float switch is a device used to sense the level of liquid in a tank. There is a magnet in the float ball and a magnetic reed switch in the rod. When the liquid level rises, it drives the float ball up close to the reed switch inside the rod. The magnet then force the two magnetic contacts inside the switch to connect, which allows current to pass. When the reed switch connects the circuit, it’s called “Closed.”

Product Application

The magnetic float switch can be used to monitor liquid level in watering machine, water heater, solar energy, air conditioner, vending machine,BSD-P, water dispenser, Humidifier, dehumidifier, fluid control, a pump, alarm device, moisturizing machine , bathroom utensil , oil tank , water tower and chemical industrial ,etc. And widely applied in motor vehicles, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment and household electrical appliances in the future.



Product Specification-Water Level Sensor FS-1101


Switch Characteristic

Physic Characteristic

Contact Form

A (normally open)

Min Shock


Max Contact Rating


Min Vibration


Max Switch Voltage


Temp. Rating


Max Switch Current


Heat Shock


Max Contact Resistance

100m Ohm


 level sensor/ float switch

Max Insluation Resistance

100M Ohm



Electronic Life

1x 107(5Vdc,10mA)




Product Image-Water Float Switch FS-1101


4 block pic-fs-1101.jpg


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Packaging & Shipping


Package & Delivery






1.Question:  What are your main products?

Answer: We mainly focus on water float switchflow sensor and door contact switch. We ensure a reasonable price and high quality products.

2.Question: Where is your company?

Answer: We are a factory based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. All of our products are safely manufactured according to UL, ISO9001 and RoHs principles, and carefully checked before packed.

3.Question:  What are the available materials for magnetic float switch?

Answer: We have plastic PP, Stainless steel for the magnetic float switches.

4.Question: Are these materials safe for drinking water?

Answer: Sure! All of our materials are made according the RoHs principles, they are nontoxic and environmental friendly.

5.. Question: Is the magnetic float switch made normally open or closed?

Answer: Most clients take our normally open model, but no worries we can make normally closed one if you need. To save from trouble, please read our datasheet before ordering.

6. Question: There is no float switch in the list suitable for me, can you OEM a new model according to our desire?

 Answer: Yes, we can! Please send us your requirement and basic data or pattern of the product you want, our engineers will take care and OEM the model for you!


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