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Product Description

The spray drier is widely used in the liquid shaping technology and in the drying industry. Particularly it is suitable for producing powder, granule or block solid product from solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and pumped paste liquid.

The working of spray dryer is as follows: Fresh air after filtering and heating, enters into the air distributor at the top of dryer.Then the hot air enters into the drying chamber. The liquid of raw material is pumped in through diaphragm pump, be atomized into tiny droplets. Through the very short time of contacting the hot air, the materials can be dried into the finished products.The wasted air and fine powder will be collected through collector at the bottom of cyclone.The tower body also equipped with observation door, sight glass, lamp-house and so on.

Detailed Images

During spray drying of feed liquid, tremendous energy and mass transfer occurs within extremely short time. Concentrated liquid drops leave the atomizer at the speed of 100-200m/s. Most moisture is removed from the retarding travel of liquid drops; and during this travel, fog drops lose initial velocity, and are carried away by dry air. Small liquid drops have 90% moisture evaporated at 0.5m away from the atomizer; while about 1.5m travel is required for big liquid drops.
In the full process of drying, the temperature of liquid drops is between surrounding air temperature and wet bulb temperature; and after atomization, the temperature of liquid drops will rise to be slightly higher than wet bulb temperature immediately. The evaporation of moisture from surface of liquid drops starts from constant-speed drying stage. At this stage, liquid drops are still fluid, and moisture in liquid drops is easy to move from inside to surface of liquid drops, maintaining surface moistened.
At the later drying stage, the moisture content reaches a critical value, liquid drops lose the characteristic of fluid and become wet solid, and encrustation forms on the surface. In such case, steam is produced because the received heat is bigger than the momentum of moisture movement, so the internal pressure further rises and makes the shell break. This stage is featured by sudden appearance of humidity gradient in radial direction of liquid drops. Moisture passes through the inside of particles and diffuses outwards, and drying rate begins to drop. Therefore, this stage is called as retarding stage.

Techincal Parameter

Evaporated Capacity(kg/h)

the index depends on the partical condition
Diaphragm Pump
it can be adjusted from 0.6 to 5 according to the material experient.in general,the pressure will be between 1 and 3
Heating method
electric+coal fuel (oil) hot air furnace
Diameter of Chamber(mm)
Total height of equipment


♦ Quick drying speed. In the hot air stream, 95% to 98% of moisture can be evaporated immediately.
♦ It is especially suitable for drying thermal sensitive material.
♦ The product made by the machine has good uniformity, fluidity and high quality.
♦ The productive process is simple and the operation control is very convenient.
♦ For liquid containing 40-60% of damp (for special material, may be 90%), it can be dried to powder product through drying one time. After dried, it is not necessary to crush and sieve. So it reduces productive procedure and raises the purity of product.


The spray dryer for coffee.

This is spray dryer was exported to the Malaysia,which evaporate amount reach to 1800kg/h,the electric+steam to be as the heat source.the most famous be fitting in drying solute drink,coffee,milk,tea and so on.

The spray dryer for sodium silicate.

This is spray dryer are customized by Slovenia, the evaporate amount reach to 2500 kg/h,the electric+oil to be as heat source,it is used widly in chemical filed.

The pilot spray dryer.

This is pilot spray dryer are popular   used in pilot plant ,the customer feed the liquid material into it for testing ,  

to know much more about the

materal's character.the evaporate amount only 5kg/h,the electric to be as heating source .

1. Chemical Industry:
white carbon,amino acid,catalyst,dyestuff intermediate,sodium fluoride,compund fertilizer,etc.
2. Plastics and resin:
AB,ABS emulsion, uric acid resin,phenolic aldehyde resin,urea-formaldehyde resin,polythene,etc.
3. Food Industry:
oats,chicken juice,coffee,instant dissoluble tea,protein,soybean,peanut protein,hydrolysate,etc.
4. Sugar:
corn syrup,corn starch,glucose,pectin,malt sugar,sorbic acid potassium,etc.
5. Ceramic:
aluminium oxide,ceramic tile material,magnesium oxide,talcum,etc.

Service Commitment

1.\tDesign and production
We solicit buyers opinions widely at the design and production stage of equipment; especially at the stage of plan and elevation arrangement, we give full consideration to buyers' site conditions and public engineering conditions, and pay concurrent attention to the optimum combination when assuring the quality of equipment.
2.\tInstallation and commissioning
After the equipment is delivered to buyers factory, we will dispatch full-time technical personnel to instruct buyers' installation and to take charge of commissioning until normal use of the equipment.
Before buyers use our equipment normally, our commissioning personnel will organize buyers' relevant personnel to accept training, which covers the maintenance and care of equipment, timely repair of common faults, and procedures for operation of equipment.
We provide one-year warranty for our equipment. For damage of equipment arising from non-artificial factors within the warranty period, we will provide repair service for free; and for damage of equipment arising from artificial factors, we will provide repair service in time and collect corresponding cost.
5.\tMaintenance and period
For damage of equipment after expiration of warranty period, we will provide on-site repair service within 24h/48h for enterprises inside/outside the province after receiving buyers' notification. The service provided after expiration of warranty period is fee-based, and flat cost will be collected each time when the service is provided.

Experienced Case

The spray dryer for sodium silicate.

This is spray dryer are customized by Slovenia, the evaporate amount reach to 2500 kg/h,the electric+oil to be as heat source,it is used widly in chemical filed.

Spray Dryer for instant coffee.

YPG-1800 ,exported to the Malaysia.

Spin Flash Dryer for fly ash.

XZG-3,exported to the Korea.

Mesh Belt Dryer for Onions.

DW5-2x9 ,exported to the Kazakhstan

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