Gps монитор Персональный gps трекер отслеживания в реальном времени для TR102 GT02 GT06 TR02 GV200 GMT100 GV200G устройства


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gps monitor personal gps tracker gps live tracking for TR102,GT02,GT06,TR02 ,GV200,GMT100,GV200G,vehicle tracking device

Product Description





Enclosure dimensions




DC Tolerance voltage

9V - 35V

GSM Module


GPS Module




Number of Channels

Hundreds of Channel Simultaneous Operation

Current (GPRS online)


Current (GPRS transmission)


Sleeping mode


Accuracy Horizontal

<5 meters (50%), <8 meters (90%)


<10 meters (50%), <16 meters (90%)


0.06 m/sec.

Hot Start:

<13 sec

Warm Start:

<42 sec

Cold Start:

<84 sec

Backup battery




Operating Temperature

-40°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +65°C




  • History route playback
  • lifetime free platform
  • Hidden gps tracker
  • Real time tracking
  • Accurate position
  • Geo-fence
  • Global location
  • Built-in back up battery
  • Viarous Reports supported
  • SMS / GPRS / Internet data transmission





  • Intelligent report
  • Fixed time/distance report
  • Direction change report
  • Over speed report
  • Report simple (very easy compatible with your software)


  • SOS alarm
  • Lower battery alarm
  • Arming and disarming
  • Emergency release


  • Geo-fence
  • Parameter configuration (via sms or pc-setup setup it)
  • Support Tcp/udp communications
  • Built in memory, storage the data in no gsm signal place.
  • Odometer or mileage(Via gps calculates mileage)
  • Prevent static excursion.
  • ACK check enable or disable
  • SMS function
  • Built in backup battery, Lower battery alarm/power cut alarm
  • Remote fuel cut off
  • Sleeping mode
  • Remote Door Lock/unlock control
  • Panic
  • Anti-car jacking

4. Options:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Fuel sensor
  • Odometer sensor (Via odometer pulse get odometer)
  • silk-screen logo


Physical Display                      






  • Vehicle tracking
  • Truck  tracking
  • Fleet managemen

application 3.jpg


Best mounting places                   


Installation Diagram                    




Packaging & Shipping





Optional accessories                  


  • Temperature sensor
  • Fuel cable
  • Fuel sensor


 Deliver within 2-7 days after confirmed payment. You could choose the Courier!




Our Services


  • CE and FCC certificates. 
  • Open protocol and accept customization.
  • Offer remote help in the installation and Operation Guide of the product and server for customers.
  • 2-year warranty, Can replace new product within one year for any non-man made quality problem.
  • Offer remote help in the installation and use of the product for customers. Life-time technical support.
  • PC based and web based GPS tracking software for free for the first year.  Over 300pcs order
  • quantity can enjoy free software to install on your own server.


Company Information


TrackckPro Industrial Co., Ltd., which founded in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in customized GPS series device, including GPS tracker/GPS tracking system, Vehicle alarm system, GPS tracker covert. We pay attention to manufacture and marketing both domestically and overseas. Our business guideline strives for 100% customers' satisfaction through continuous improvement of working methods and processes. Our mission remains to develop tiptop products with the reasonable prices while defining industry standards for quality, reliability and innovation.

Factory Display                 


Software display

Locating on web-based gps tracking software




Android/IOS app also supported                    






Q: Why the tracker can't be switched on?

A: 1. Check if wiring is correct or not.

    2. Charge the tracker.


Q: No response to SMS command

A: 1. Wrong password. Please check your password.

    2. No GSM mobile signal or weak GSM network. Try later.

    3. Out of SIM credit. Please pop up.

    4. SIM is damaged. Change a sim card.

    5. SIM card is without sending function. Change a SIM or enable SMS sending function and caller identification function.

    6. SIM card isn't installed properly.


 Q: Is there a monthly charge for it to communicate with me. Does it require a cellulare service provider or something else?

A: Two communication ways: SMS ( just like one mobile phone to another) and GPRS ( monitor/manage the tracker on our tracking platform) . These two ways are both charged by your local telecom carrier, we don't charge for the SMS or GPRS fee.



1. you can just choose one or both two of the two way communications to get the real time location info and so on from the tracker : SMS or GPRS or both )

2. No matter via SMS or GPRS communication, there is one simcard(the one has gprs function and caller identification function, you'd better buy from the local telecom carrier) needed to be inserted in the tracker. NO data plan required by us.




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