Фракционный лазер Fotona co2 для укрепления мышц влагалища


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Product Description

10600NM Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

Fractional CO2 Laser Machine Principle:

1.Fractional resurfacing is a new laser treatment modality that creates numerous microscopic thermal injury zones of controlled width, depth, and density that are surrounded by a reservoir of spared epidermal and dermal tissue, allowing for rapid repair of laser-induced thermal injury. This unique modality, if implemented with proper laser- delivery systems, enables high-energy treatments while minimizing risks.

2.This machine uses the RF Tube manufactured by Coherent America, the frequency can reach more than 5000HZ, the high speed can work more efficient and effective, it is very good for the ultra pulse incision for the precise surgery, no blood, the treatment area is very clear, and less downtime.

We have sold a lot of products to all over the world. Our company participates in several exhibitions every year, such an Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam,Turkey,India. 

We can offer the door to door service by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportations.


1)Q: How long time for the recover?

A: After the treatment, the skin will become red and swollen, after about 2-3 days, the skin will scab.If small area, usually the scar will fall off about 4-5 days, if large area like whole face, then need 7-10 days.

2)Q: If I bought the machine, how about the training?

A: We will send you the USB with the video to show how to install and treatment. Also we will send you manual and parameter for you reference.If you still very confused, we can have video by skype face to face to training.

3)Q: After the treatment, how to do the skin care?

After treatment, use air cooling to cool the skin, if use for ice bag, avoid ice touch skin directly. Can’t use the water clean within 24 hours.

Within 10 days, don’t use hot water to clean, and no Sauna and Swimming. Suggest use ointment within 7 days, to avoid infection.Within 3 month, don’t suffer the sun to avoid the hyperpigmentation. Eating food with Vitamin C and E.

Avoid friction treatment area, scabbed-over let them fall off by themselves.

4)Q: How many sessions will I need?

A:This depends on the extent of correction desired. Though your specific situation may require more or less, usually three treatments are needed.
For the Focus Ultra sound hand piece, sessions are scheduled monthly to allow the body natural reprocessing of the disrupted fat cells. 3 sessions are needed.
For both the Cavitation hand piece and the Bipolar RF hand piece, 5 sessions will beneeded, with a 3 week interval between each session.

5)Q:After sale service or technology supports ?

A: We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. you can contact us by telephone, online chat
(Skype, Google talk, MSN, Yahoo...).

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