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Product Description

ODM/OEM LCD cable/LVDS cable
Cable Length
50mm-15000mm(As per customer’s request)

Cable type
32AWG, 34AWG, 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG
LCD 20cores single shield cable, LCD 20cores double shield cable;
LCD 32cores single shield cable, LCD 32cores double shield cable;
LCD 20cores non-shield cable, LCD 32cores non-shield cable
Processing ways
Crimping, pressing and soldering types
Cable color
Black or as your request 
JAE, HRS, JST, AMP, Dupont, I-pex, Molex, YH, ACES, FCI, DDK, UJU, JWT, Panasonic connectors etc .
Connector pitch range
Good transferring, clearly pictures, no shaking, and transfer issues
ISO9001:2008, RoHS, UL
Performance Test
100% electrical and electricity performance test

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OEM ODM cable assembly as per your need!!! All kind of lvds cables are avaliable.

Our Company

-About us

-Xin Da International(china) Limited is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider to Original Equipment Manufacturer's
-more commonly known as OEM's and ODM's.
-Our focus is on manufacturing quality products in the fastest time-frame possible
-delivered to your location for use in your process.

-Who We Are

- We strive to meet your needs in every way possible from design, to compliance with rigidspecifications
-quality checks and more. At E-connecting Technology,it is our goal to "exceed your expectations ."
- Our can do attitude ensures that you will receive your products on time, manufactured correctly and priced on budget.

-What We Do

- This industry style of Electronic Manufacturing Services, has been very successful over the last 8 years.
- Communication is direct, quality is exceptional, delivery is punctual and the pricing can't be beat!
- Whether you need prototypes, board production or full box build,E-connecting has your solution.

-Why Choosing Us

-We know Technology.From any make and model pc to home theatears, cameras, car technology and more.
-We can supply original or simulation or custom designed products to meet your requirements
-No matter where you are. We're here day and night ,serving you by phone, in-form or on site.


Our Services


* Professional with many years experience from 1995.
* Most competitive price from material supplier base on huge orders to them.
* Experienced and Effective inner cost control system through whole process.

Quality Control:

* Twelve quality control staff, monitor in production line
* Providing relative solution
* Testing from material to final products according to international standard
* ISO, UL, RHOS, CEapproved factory


* OEM / ODM service and support
* Free Sample Development
* Clients Service One-to-One
* Effective Communication within 24 hours
* Can offer design work as per customer's request


1.How to choose a right cable supplier?
Effective communication. A right supplier can understand your request quickly, or according to your different requests, they can give you different workable solution and explain in details.
Numerous practical case. A good cable factory will always have good solutions for different problems you met.

2. How to choose a right cable?
① Selecting the materials as per your specific equipment, machine structure, and working environment.
②A designer has to evaluate the determining system parameters such as signaling rate, cable length, single-ended or differential (balanced) signaling, point-to-point, multidrop or multipoint configuration, noise margin, flexibility, and costs.
③Checking the cable is unshielded or shielded (taped, braided, or combination of both)?
The reason to add the shielding is to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices.

3. What kind of cable is better quality?
It depends on the materials you want to use, the best quality material is from the best factory in the world, these best factories are our long-term partners.

4. What kind of person am I talking to?
It is a group of young people who graduated from Electronic and Information Engineering Major, all of them are working for electronic line over 5years.

5.How is your price?
Base on same quality standard, we are offering most competitive price.

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