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Dear Sir/ Madam,


It’s my pleasure to introduce something about myself, my name’s Tracy Cao - International Sales Executive from VILACONIC GROUP, Vietnam. VILACONIC GROUP specializing in Rice, Agricultural and Building Material, in which rice is our core business. Our humble beginnings can be traced to an industrious farmer who built a small rice mill in the fertile fields of the Mekong Delta Region. In the span of two decades, VILACONIC has grown into an international group with local expertise and global connections.

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Characteristics: Long-grain, slightly fragrant, expansive and porous, rich in protein and starch, cooked for 15 to 25 minutes.


Broken5% Max
Moisture 14% max
Damaged grains0.5% max
Chalky grains6.0% max
Foreign Matter1.5% max
Red & Streaked1.0% max
Immature kernelNil6.2 mm average
Paddy5grains per kg maximum
Milling degreeWell milled & Double polished
Live insectNil after fumigation
Yellow kernels1.0% Max
Whole kernel length average6.2 mm


5% long grainLong grain white rice 25% broken 1long 3LONG GRAIN RICE 5% BROKEN 6


Our factory


I hope that I have an opportunity to cooperate with you. We always consider your company as mutual partner for long-term business. Hopefully we could start the win-win relationship very soon. 

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concern or unclear. Feel free to contact with me via tel/whatsapp/viber: (+84) 969 800 854 or email tracy(at)vilaconic(dot)vn

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