Вентилятор для горячей радиальной пыли диаметр 80 мм 15 8 кПа 28 куб ФТ/мин 24 В постоянного тока воздуходувка высокого давления центробежный вентилятор завод по производству 13


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Product Description

80mm diameter 13.3kPa 26CFM air flow hot radial dust fan 24v dc high pressure blower.
Suitable for air cushion machine/fuel cell/medical equipment and inflatables.

Part name
small powerful air blower
Part No
Rated votlage
Max power consumption
Life time(MTTF)
Unit weight
NMB ball bearing
Unit size
Insulation class
Class F
Driver board
Speed control
PWM or 0~5V

@Free blowing
@working point
@static pressure

P-Q Curve for 24V dc brushless small powerful air blower
WS9290B-24-220-X300 blower fan airflow against air pressure performance curve as left chart

  • Wiring diagram for driver controller

We can supply standard drivers for this blower. If you want to design your own driver, you can refer to the wiring diagram on the
right picture.

Size Information

Product drawing as below:

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Qty per Ctn: 20pc;
Ctn size:500*400*140mm;
G.W.: 11.2KGS;

Company Introduction

Ningbo Wonsmart Motor Fan Company is a professional manufacturer with a focus on small sized brushless dc motors and brushless dcblowers. Our blower’s max airflow reaches 150 cubic meter per hour and a max pressure of 15 kpa. With our high quality parts and precise manufacturing process, WONSMART motors and blowers can serve more than 10,000 hours.

Founded in 2009, Wonsmart has had a rapid growth rate of 30 % yearly and our products are widely used in Air cushion
machines,Environment condition analyzers, Medical and other revolutionary Industrial equipment.

Wonsmart production and inspection equipment include auto winding machines, balancing machines, and CNC machines. We also have airflow and pressure testing equipment and motor performance testing equipment. All products are 100% inspected before delivery to guarantee all the products arrive at the customers with satisfied quality.

Wonsmart is I S O 9 0 0 1 certificated and we have paid attention to product quality and customer service. Our professional and spry team hold the same goal of being one of the best brushless motor and blower supplier.

With ETL,CE, ROHS, REACH certification, 60% of Wonsmart’s products are exported to North America, EU, Japan and Korea. Customers from these countries are very satisfied with Wonsmart’s stable quality, fast delivery and reasonable price.

We also accept ODM and OEM projects and customized specification.

Please feel free to contact us.

Our Services & Strength
We also accept ODM and OEM projects and customized specification.We also accept ODM and OEM projects and customized specification.


Are you factory or trading company?
We are factory with 4,000 square meters and we have been focus on high pressure BLDC
blowers for more than 10 years

Can you design a new blower fan if we give you target performance?
Yes, we offer ODM service for both blower fan and controller board

Can we connect this centrifugal air blower directly onto power source?
This blower fan is with BLDC motor inside and it needs a controller board to run.

What kind of power source shall we use to drive this blower fan?
Generally, our customers use 24vdc switching power supply or Li-on battery.

Do you also sell controller board for this blower fan?
Yes, we can supply adapted controller board for this blower fan.

How to change impeller speed if we use your controller board?
You can use 0~5v or PWM to change speed. Our standard controller board is also with a
potentiometer to change speed conveniently.

What is the MTTF of this centrifugal air blower?
MTTF of this centrifugal air blower is 20,000+ hours under 25 C degree.

Can we use this centrifugal air blower to suct water?
This blower fan can not be used to suck water. If you need to suck water, you can ask us to
choose proper item for this special working condition.

Can we use this centrifugal air blower to suck dust directly?
This blower fan can not be used to suck dust directly.If you need to suck dust, you can ask
us to choose proper item for this special working condition.

What can do if the working condition is dirty?
A filter is strongly recommended to assemble onto the the inlet of the blower fan

How to decrease the noise of the blower?
Many of our customers use foam, silicone to fill between blower fan and machine to insulate
the blower noise.

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