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Our Factory


Hongfa Group consists of Shandong and Guangxi two production bases, four production factories.


factory employs more than 1,500 employees, including 40 engineers and 150 assisting engineers.


total plant area reach 110,000 m2.


provincial construction & building materials machinery institute, new construction materials company

Company information

Shandong Hongfa Machinery Co., Ltd is a construction and building materials equipments manufacturer mainly produce all kinds of AAC block making machine, concrete mixing plant, mixer, concrete block making machine, concrete tile making machine and concrete pipe making machine with more than 20 years experience and being the biggest manufacturer in China at present. All the products are conformity with the standard of the state, and gets the ISO9001-2008 Quality System Certificate, also honored as 'One of the Top Ten Famous Brands of Bricks & Tile Field in China' and other honors

Product Description

Hongfa centrifugal concrete pipe making machine in Ethiopia

Product Application

HF Pipe line Making Machinery is the ideal equipment to manufacture cement pipe. Reasonable design, reliable and simple operation, accord with state standard GB11836-89. The machine can be produced different sizes of tubular products such as connection tubes, small tubes and large tubes of inner diameter of 1200-1650 mm by using sand, gravel, stone chips, fly ash and slag mixed with appropriate amount of cement. The tubular products made by this machine has the following advantages: average wall thickness, smooth inner and outer wall, good impermeability, high compressive strength, low cost, firm and reliable tie-in, convenient construction, high efficiency and release the mold immediately to maintenance, etc.. The tubular products are widely used in agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and drainage.

Main Technical parameter

HF series concrete pipe making machine has different types models:
HF800x2000, HF1200x2000, HF1600x2000 and XG2000x2000.
HongFa Brand Vertical Extruding Pipe-Making Machine :
Concrete pipes diameter from 200mm to 2, 000mm and length from1, 000mm to 5000mm.


average wall thickness, smooth inner and outer wall, good impermeability, high compressive strength, low cost, firm and reliable tie-in, convenient construction, high efficiency and release the mold immediately to maintenance, etc.

Available raw materials

sand, gravel, stone chips, fly ash and slag mixed with appropriate amount of cement.

Applied Products

connection tubes, small tubes and large tubes used in agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and drainage.

Our Core Strengths:

a. 23 years experiences in the field of making brick machinery, pipe making machine and autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) production line equipment.
b. brand advantages: Hongfa Brand is a Chinese national leader in size, scope, and technology.
c. we are the manufacturer, all machines and equipments are sold at factory price.
d. lifetime warranty.
e. fast high-quality, comprehensive after-sales service.

Main Features

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. 

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 

3) High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing. 

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 

5) Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor ,which can directly inline with filling machine . 

Detailed Image

1) Flat Joint

Flat pipe is an joint form of cement pipe earlier, which is easy manufacture, high in production efficiency and low in manufacturing cost; the interface sealing adopts steel mesh concrete rag tape is a rigid connection, but its sealing effect and seismic performance are poor. If the foundation displacement causes the interface to be opened, the sewage will pollute the underground soil, causing great social and environmental inconvenience, so this interface is used less.

2)socket joint

The socket type interface adopts rubber ring seal to stop water, which is flexible connection. The interface insertion depth is 80-100mm, and the interface has a relative rotation angle of 1.5°. The cement pipe of this interface has good seismic performance. The pipe base is made of sandstone foundation or concrete foundation. high speed in installation. However, large-diameter cement pipes are not suitable for socket-type interfaces because large-mouth cement pipes produce circumferential cracks.

3)Flexible rabbet joint

The flexible rabbet joint form is mainly suitable for cement pipes with a diameter of ≥d1200. The interface form is also a flexible connection. The interface has the advantages of a socket type and is more prominent than the socket type, but it also has a remarkable feature that the socket type is not suitable for the large diameter pipe.. The depth of the socket pipe joint is not easy to control, and it is not easy to be dense when backfilling. The stress at the transition of the pipe socket is concentrated. In serious cases, the pipe body will have circumferential cracks, which will affect the service life of the pipe. The pipe body of the flexible joint pipe has good contact with the foundation. It is evenly loaded when subjected to load force, so it is safer to use; the outer wall of the socket of the socket tube is a sloped surface, so it is difficult to control the leakage when building the inspection well, so the flexible rabbet tube will be improved a lot; The rabbet tube can also be used as a top tube.

Product diameter
Hang axis diameter
Product length
1000- 2, 500mm
15- 125kW
Hang axis speed
Machine size
4, 100 x 2, 350 x 1, 850mm
There have different capacity of making machines


Our Service

Pre-sale service support

According to each customer's demand and budget, we offer you the professional solution, process flow design and production equipment. More importantly, we welcome every customer to visit our factory and working machine in the site before placing the order. We will arrange cars, hotels and translators for the visiting customers.

During-sale service support

Assist clients to finish the factory planning. Before delivery equipment to customer s, complete debugging and checking. Provide a full instruction manual for the whole system. Provide technical guidance for the installation and use of the unit, including installation advice and electrical connection. Provide unit debugging and training for the operation of the machine on the working site and coordiante the customers with check and acceptance of the unit.

After-sale service support

Send technicians to installation site for the guidance, equipment adjustment and training. Provide high-quality spare parts thoughout the year, and the maintenance technicians are always ready to provide technical help.

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