2.2L Ультразвуковой очиститель с подогревом ЖК-дисплей для очистки стекла ювелирных изделий часов или печатных


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 Different ways of cleaning:

1. General Cleaning - only use warm and fresh water, warm water's temperature is about 50 centigrade.
2. Enhanced Cleaning - add a few drops of standard liquid soap or detergent into the water, some basic non-acidic cleaning agents can be used also.
3. Extensive Cleaning - Removing tarnish, carbon and rust from non-plated metals. It is recommended to use specialist cleaning solution in associated using Ultrasonic cleaner. 

Multipurose Cleaning

It's efficient for most of household items that could be used to clean, 
get the best cleaning effects with the least effort.

Product Name
Derui ultrasonic DR-P22
stainless steel SUS304
Ultrasonic Power
Heating Power
Ultrasonic Frequency
Unit Weight
Tank Size
Transducer PC

Main features:

1) All the buttons are touch-sensitive, LCD window show
2)Temperature control knob (cleaning liquid temperature setting), Timer control knob (cleaning time setting)
3)START/PAUSE & Memory button, On/Off button.
4) Ultrasonic Power setting button, power set 40%-70%-100%.
5)Degas sweep pulse button
Degassing is the removal of dissolved oxygen trapped in a liquid. In ultrasonic cleaning systems, trapped, dissolved oxygen in the ultrasonic cleaning solution will hinder the ability of the system to clean. This dissolved oxygen must be removed from the system by de-gassing.
Sweep function guarantees an optimum sound field distribution in the cleaning bath due to a modulation of the frequencies.
Pulse activatable power increase of approx. 20% by inforcement of the peak performance (High-strength cleaning power 120% with pulse).

Specifications Of Different Size

Shenzhen Derui Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of ultrasonic cleaner, Since 1998 our company began to research the first generation of digital ultrasonic cleaning machine to now work the way it excited type, with more than 14 years experience in the design and manufacture ultrasonic cleaners, with the design, development and production of diverse range ultrasonic cleaner including lab, dental, medical sectors, opticians, ophthalmology, jewelry branch, watchmaker branch tattoo, electronics, industry, workshop etc.Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control meet the evaluations of CE and have RoHS certifications, throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. excellent performance and complete certificate ,all are major factors to make our products are sold to all over the world with its good after-sales service system, and with relatively high market share in US,UK, Germany, Janpan and other developed countries.

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