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LGJ-10 cheap price home use desktop vacuum honey freeze dryerr india


honey freeze dryer


LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer


As we all know, food, vegetable, medicine powder and other products can be easy preserved and restored for a long time after being freeze dried. LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer is a mini laboratorthoney freeze dryer with 0.12 square meters freeze drying area. It's has been widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food fields.

According to different  requirements of customers, we designed standard type, top press type, manifold type and T-Shelf type laboratoryhoney freeze dryer. To pick up the most suitable model, please contact us at any time.


honey freeze dryer

 honey freeze dryer


honey freeze dryer.jpg


honey freeze dryer


LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer technical data


Product LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer
Freeze drying area0.12 square meters
Material tray diadiameter 240mm
Tray numbers4pcs
Tray spacing70mm
Cold trap temp.≤-56℃,optional≤-80℃
Cold trap dept140mm
Cold trap dia.diameter 215mm
Ice collecting capacity3-4kg/24h
Pump speed2L/S
Ultimate vacuum≤5pa
Main unit weight41kg
Main unit dimensions615*450*370mm
-80℃ main unit dimensions850*680*405mm
Drying chamber dimensionsdiameter 260*430mm
Cooling modewind cooled
Defrosting modeair cooled
Bulk capacity1.2L(thickness 10mm)
Optional accessories and functions

·cold trap temperature -80℃
·vacuum pump anti-returned oil device

.cold trap electrical heat defrosting
·oil mist filter system
·imported vacuum pump
·non-standard customized


honey freeze dryer


LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer detail parts


honey freeze dryer


honey freeze dryerZhengzhou Mingyi Instrument Equipment CO., Ltd
Our company has 18 years production and development experience of laboratory and chemical instruments and devices. Our main products are honey freeze dryers, sterilizer autoclaves, PCR and so on. Our principle is to provide customers high quality products with reasonable price and good use.
Our Products Advantages
Excellent man-machine design
Rich functional configuration
Multiple security safeguards

honey freeze dryerhoney freeze dryer


honey freeze dryer


Besides LGJ-10 honey freeze dryer , we also have other laboratoryhoney freeze dryers, such as LGJ-12 and LGJ-18, if you are interested in, please click the picture link to check.


LGJ-12 honey freeze dryerLGJ-18 honey freeze dryer
Freeze drying area:0.12 square metersFreeze drying area: 0.18 or 0.27 square meters
honey freeze dryerhoney freeze dryer

honey freeze dryer

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