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Ceiling Fan Light


Product Specification

h 460mm

l 1080mm



zhengs' Royal

Motor material

Metal + copper wire



light source


Blade material

ABS plastic

Using area

8~20 square meters

Blade size


Usage scenarios

Bedroom, living room, dining room, hotel, office

control mode

Remote control

Power (W)



3C   CE   CB   SAA




Metal+ Acrylic

Blade QTY

4 pcs


Product Display



Interpretation Of Lamps

And Lanterns Structure


High Quality Solid Wood Fan Leaves,Metal Decorative Clock,Silicon Steel Motor,High Quality Acrylic Lampshade,Hardware Paint Pendant Clock,Silent Motor,Lens Light Source

Instructions For Remote Control / Wall Control Lighting

Multi-function speed regulation mode, timing and fixed-speed light control


Wind speed button,[low/medium/high ,three speed regulation],Light on key,Fan stop key,Switch indicator light,Timing Settings are ,automatically turned off,[1/2/4/8 hour timing design]


Humanized upgrade,[remote control] ,multi-function wireless governor,Set lights, wind speed adjustment, one key in the hand free control,Let you enjoy convenient and comfortable comfortable life


[wall control]

various wind  speed modes

A variety of speed regulation mode, can be wall control, remote control,Meet your control needs.[note] remote control and wall control cannot be used at the same time. Wall control is required Two fire a zero wiring, remote control only a fire a zero wiring!



5 Large Precision Combination Of Mechanism

10Years Warranty for 100% copper motor,100% pure copper wire,Imported quality plates,Top double cover mute bearing,Internal structure of motor (stator winding),American oil


Product Details

Metal Decorative Clock,Metal decorative bell, fine electroplating process, built-in steel hanger, need expansion screws fixed


High Quality ABS plastic Fan Leaves


High quality ABS plastic fan leaf, material is fine, the edge is firm, the edge of anti-moth is firm,

the surface is smooth and smooth, lasting bright lustre.


Silicon Steel Motor

Pure copper winding motor, selected silicon steel, double roll silent bearing running stable, high efficiency and energy saving


High Quality Acrylic Lampshade

Excellent transparency, light transmittance up to 92%, strong weather resistance, good aging resistance, non-toxic





Ceiling Fan Lamp Installation

Basic Requirements


Floor height is greater than or equal to 2.6?Ceiling load is greater than or equal to 40KG,Installation diagram,Concrete ceilin,Expansion screws,Lob frame,derrick,Smallpox condole top ,Tapping screw,Derrick

A standard installation

The diagram shows the standard configuration

(hoisting installation), simpleConvenient way to

install if you are a new house specializing in repair

The installation location does not do decorative

ceiling, this is the defaultInstallation method.

There is a ceiling installation

The graph is to have adornment smallpox condole carries

the top should condole installs ahead of scheduleInstall on

cement board, hanger rod and electric wire are exposed install

Act the role of ceiling horizontal line, lengthen derrick as the

case may be, longDegree depends on the height of the floor,

can consult customer service.

Note: the fan blade distance from the ceiling should be more than 25cm.

Otherwise it will affect the wind force.


Decorative ceiling (wood)

The figure shows the ceiling with formwork and

the installation positionIt must be reinforced to bear

a weight of 40 kilograms for liftingPosition template

thickness is not less than 30mm, decorationRemind

the master to strengthen and thicken in this position


Company Profile

Huanhai Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fan lamps for more than 10 years. Since 2007, it has been one of the leading decorative ceiling fan manufacturers in China. We have a professional design team, R & D department, stable quality, reasonable price, wholesale, OEM ODM services for customers around the world, a wide range of products, fashionable, well received by domestic and foreign customers. The products are mainly exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia and other markets, and obtained 3C CE CB SAA certification. We look forward to working with each customer to create success.





Welcome to our company


Production Process


Winding copper wire,Wiring,Mute test,Testing,On the Production Line,Second Mute Test,Second test,Prepare packing,Packaging,Loading containers,Transport 

Company Advantage

1. We have more than ten years of production experience and accept customization.

2. We have our own motor, hardware workshop.

3. We have certificate certification and R&D team.

4. Our fan lamp quality is stable, using pure copper motor.

5. We have five years of foreign trade export experience.

6. We have 8 to 10 independent development mould for new products every year.



1. We have more than ten years of production experience and accept customization.

2, We have our own motor, hardware workshop.

3. We have certificate certification and R&D team.

4, Our fan lamp quality is stable, using pure copper motor.

5, Our motor can be forward and reverse, can be used in winter and summer



1. Q: What materials are used in your motor?

A: Our motor is made of double-painted pure copper wire, Angang Steel Sheet Stator, four sets of silent wear-resistant bearing motor.

2.Q:How long is the warranty?

A: It's 10-year warranty time for motors and 2-year warranty time for other components.

3. Q: How many volts of working voltage does your motor use?

A: The motors we produce have voltages of 220V-250V and 110V-160V depending on the voltage used in different countries and regions.

4. Q: What light source does your fan use?

A: We use energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light sources.

5. Q: When are you shipping?

A: We will ship the goods about one week after we accept the order.

6. Q: Do you accept sample orders?

A: We accept sample orders.



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