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China manufacturer Widely used in industry Coal slurry and Fly ash drying machine price for sale


Coal slurry dryer




1.What is applicable for Rotary Drum Drying Machine?

 Rotary Drum Drying Machine is widely used in agriculture, forestry, construction, metallurgy, chemical and cement-making industry. It is applicable for sawdust, coal, sand, gypsum, slag, sludge, etc. Dehydrating machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, unique design, high capacity, low consumption, convenient operation.

2. How does Rotary Drum Drying Machine work?
The main body of Rotary Drum Dryer is a cylinder at a certain gradient with horizon. The roller is drove by gear at a speed of 3-8r/min. The cylinder is about 1°-5°. Materials enter cylinder by the upper end. As the cylinder rotates, materials flow to the lower end under gravity and get discharged. During this period, materials get thorough contact with hot air, moisture inside gets vaporized. Due to Rotary Drum Dryer operates under negative pressure, the inlet and outlet both adopt sealing device to avoid air leakage.

3. What’s the features of  Rotary Drum Drying Machine?
We adopt combined type of lifting device . High heat efficiency, energy consumption reduced about 20%.

Pin-changeable gear replaces the traditional cast steel gear. This saves the investment and also reduces maintainance cost and time.
Adoption of central control system to realize management by computer for enterprise.





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