Портативный тестер температуры почвы влажности и скорости


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HM-WSYP soil temperature, moisture, salt PH speed measuring instrument adopts integrated structure design, external SD card, the host can collect the temperature, moisture, salt, PH and other parameters of the soil in the tested environment in real time, upload data by one button, etc.


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Widely used in soil moisture detection, dry farming water saving irrigation, fine agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields.




Large screen color LCD display, tracking and recording the value of each measured environmental factor, the number of groups, and low voltage warning 300,000 pieces of data can be stored,With automatic storage protection function for power failure data.




The software of the host computer is powerful, and the data in the record can be exported to the computer through the USB interface at any time, and can be stored as an EXCE form file to generate a data curve for further analysis by other analysis software for data processing. It has the function of setting the coloring of the out-of-limit area and the color change warning of out-of-limit data, which can be used as a basis for environmental assessment.




The machine is small, beautiful, easy to operate, reliable, and extremely convenient to carry in the field. After the host is connected to the sensor, the record can be stored manually or the sampling interval can be set arbitrarily by the host to automatically store the recorded data.




Power supply mode: Lithium battery power supply and AC power supply. Software: PC software free gift.





The instrument has a multi-channel automatic detection extension function, which can realize the simultaneous detection of multiple sensors connected at the same time.

After each sensor is inserted into the host, the host has an automatic identification function. The sensor has good consistency. The sensors can be combined according to requirements. The sensor interfaces of different parameters can be converted to each other without affecting the measurement accuracy.




Measurement parameters: soil volumetric water content; unit: % (m3/m3); test sensitivity: ±0.01% (m3/m3);
Range: 0-100% (m3/m3). Measurement accuracy: 0-50% (m3/m3)) ± 2% (m3/m3);
50-100% (m3/m3)) ± 3% (m3/m3); . Resolution: 0.1%
Soil temperature range: -40-120 ° C. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C. Resolution: ± 0.1 ° C
Soil salinity range: 0-20ms. Measurement accuracy: ±2%. Resolution: ±0..1ms
PH measurement range: 0-14 resolution: 0.1 Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2%
Integrated electrode: soil moisture, soil temperature, soil salinity, three-in-one, integrated into one sensor;
Ph composite electrode: the electrode is a composite electrode, automatic temperature compensation, the test is more stable and more accurate.
Power supply mode: Lithium battery power supply, AC power two ways. Software: PC software free.





Company Information



Shandong Hengmei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a software product design and development team, focusing on software products with independent core technology and intellectual property. Since its inception, the company has established a comprehensive agricultural information system for agriculture, agro-meteorology, plant physiology, plant protection, animal husbandry and other agro-ecological agriculture and food fields, and has become a cover for agriculture, forestry, meteorology and agricultural products testing. "One-stop provider of information technology instrument solutions.

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1, aluminum alloy box packaging
2, carton packaging
3, wooden box or packaging as required
Delivery Time: Within1-35 working days after payment



Q1: How is your company?
A1.We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of soil temperature, moisture, salinity pH meter.
Q2: What is the delivery time?
A2: Pay after 1-35 working days.
Question 4: What about packaging?
A4: Standard export packaging
Q5: Can I paste my brand name on your machine instead of your brand name?
A5: Yes.
Question 6: What are the payment terms?
A6: Wire transfer. We can also accept other payment terms.

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