Полностью автоматическая уровня и строительного материала магазинов применимые индустрии листогибочный


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Product Description

CNC series Electro hydraulic serve pump controller CNC press brake is of servo main motor which drives 2 way pump to control dual.
Oil cylinder synchronously mechanical (hydraulic)crowning compensation device is equipped
The press brake features energy saving by 50%, oil volume saving by 70% compared with traditional hydraulic press bake
Multi backgauge axes are available steel weld machine frame gets annealing treatment with constant accuracy Netherlandish DELEM DA66T.

CNC hydraulic press brake 
Backgauge axes
3+1Axis /4+1Axis /5+1Axis /6+1Axis/7+1Axis/8+1Axis /10+1Axis
Optional controller
Bending material
Carbon steel、Stainless steel、Aluminum、galvanized steel 、Iron and etc.

Detailed Images

Double structure front arm
Double structure is higher rigidity ,superior carrying capacity .It can be adjusted up and down or move along the workbench from side to side.
Reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase productivity

Germany Siemens motor
Germany Siemens motor
Using Siemens motor guarantee the machine service life and improve the machine working stability

Delem DA66T
*2D graphical touch screen programming mode
* 3D visualisation in simulation and production
* 17" high resolution colour TFT
* Full Windows application suite
* Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptively)
* USB, peripheral interfacing
* User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment
* Sensor bending & correction interface
* Profile-TL offline software

Grating ruler
Incremental or absolute ruler based on optical or magnetic techniques for synchronous bending machines.
The reader is guided by a self-aligning and self-cleaning slider with a spring system.
The resolution can be up to 0.1 micron. Accuracy up to ±1 micron.
Grating or tape with a specific linear thermal expansion coefficient.
Magnetic zero position device with reference to coding distance or optional every 10 mm along the entire length of measurement.
Safety limit switch, positioned at both ends.
Adjustable output cable position and optional zero reference index make the ruler symmetrical and suitable for bending machine two columns.

French Schneider Electric components with frequence Inverter
*High quality electric parts can perform well even the electricity is not stable and customers 
*can easily get the replacement anywhere in the word
*The motor for backgauge stroke are controlled  by inverter, which can achieve high positioning accuracy of the backgauge

The backgauge 
The backgauge transmission is supported by precision ball screws and
linear guide rails to reduce friction,
with high accuracy and long service life


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Company Introduction

Anhui zhongrui machine manufacturing Co;Ltd was build in 2002. It is composed of highly trained and qualified machine operators and assembly technicians supported by staff of experienced engineers and designers, which makes it be a well-known brand of sheet metal fabricating machinery in China.
We are a modernized machine tool factory which is dedicated to the development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment with history over than 20 years. The factory mainly specializes in press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press machine, fiber laser cutting machine and punching machine. Professionally provide complete sets of metal sheet and profile processing machinery for automobiles, ships, railways, aviation, electric power, petrochemicals, light industry and other industries; products are sold all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western European, South America and other regions.
We have passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 certification and C E certification. We continued to strengthen research and development of new products, introduce the c n c technology which comes from Italy and Germany. C N C press brake, C N C fiber laser cutting machine that we produced have achieved a real sense of C N C automatic control and improve the productivity greatly. To control the quality strictly and to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, we have realized strict control of products from design, manufacturing process, inspection to complete machine delivery, installation and service.


Q: How to install and run the machine?
A: Our technician have installed the machine before shipping. For some small parts
installation, we will send detail training video, user's manual along with the machine. 95% customers can learn by themselves.
Q:How do I operate this machine?Is training necessary?
A:The machine is mainly controlled by software.Simple, not complicated.
Generally speaking, an operator who is not familiar with the press brake can still operate it well.According to customer
requirements, we can send technicians to the customer's factory for machine training, or when the customer needs to come to our factory for machine training.
Q: Will the package damaged during transportation?
A: Our package is considerate all the damage factors and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full experienced in safe transportation. We have exported to 80 countries worldwide. So please don't worry, you will receive the parcel in good condition.
Q:How about your machine quality?
A:We have approved the ISO9001:2008 Quality management system and Europe and American safety standard, including CE,GS,EMS and UL.Zhongrui is a mature brand in China, through our 13 years research in technology,our design
including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.
Q:Can you provide customized machine and tool?
A:Yes,we can design and manufacture according to user's specific requirements

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