Манометр для дизельного автомобиля NANTAI NO.1089 измеритель давления цилиндра грузовика 0-1000psi


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NANTAI NO.1089 Diesel Car Cylinder Pressure Gauge , Cylinder Pressure Meter for Diesel Truck 0-1000PSI 0-70BAR


It is mainly used to test the max pressure generated during the compression stroke in the cylinder of a diesel engine.

Technical parameter:
1. Range: 0 --- 1000PSI
2. Accuracy class: 2.5


Instructions for using:
1. Run the engine to normal operating temperature.
2. Remove the relevant nozzle and use a soft connecting pipe from the end to lead the fuel into a suitable container.
3. Fix and seal the appropriate analog syringe, then connect the instrument to the analog syringe.
4. Start cranking the engine and test, the meter will show the pressure of the cylinder.
5. When re-testing the same cylinder, press the button of the pressure reducing valve to depressurize the instrument.
6. Compare the measurement results with the specifications of the engine manufacturer. By comparing the pressure readings of each cylinder, you can better grasp the status of the valve or piston ring.


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