AWG50 супер-кабель 0 02 мм ультратонкий эмалированный медный провод 2


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ultra fine enameled copper wire 0.03mm 
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ultra fine wires are exported to all over the world and are widely used by customers in micro-motors and micro-electronic products. The common specification is 2UEW/155. If customers need other specifications, can be customized.

1  Product testing: Our products have been tested for quality before leaving the factory, and can provide product quality inspection reports to each customer. 

2  International certification:
 Our products are all up to the international certification standards, and customers who need certification can provide international certification. 

3  sample testing:
For enameled wire customers, we can provide sample quality testing to ensure that our products can fulfill the customer's production needs before the customer orders.

Enameled wire production factory

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