490 мл клеевой картридж Corian лист бесшовный клей без


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490ml Glue Cartridge Corian Sheet Seamless Joint Adhesive No Yellowing


The main advantages of our adhesives are as follows:

• Fast Curing under Room Temperature:around 20min at 21°C
• Color Matched:Over 500 adhesive colors for your choice
• Non Yellowing: 10 years warranty of non-yellowing and stable color
• Long shelf life to 15 month 
• Nearly Zero complaint
• Phthalate Free
• Impact Resistant
• Wear Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Water Penetration Resistant

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Detailed parameters: 
Name High quality 490ml Aluminum Hydroxide Glue quartz crystal
Ingredient Methyl methacrylate, Aluminum Hydroxide
Application Quartz Surface, Granite, Marble, Engineering Stone
Working time (24℃/75.2℉) 8-10minutes
Fixture time (24℃/75.2℉) 18-22 minutes
Shelf Life (10/50℉-18℃/64.4℉) 24months
Viscosity CPS (24℃/75℉) A(20000-24000), B(3000-5000)
Mix Ratio(Weight & Volume) A:B=10:1
Color Matching Effect Seamless joint
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.02
Operation Temperature 24℃/75℉ above is suggested
UV stability 8 years non yellowing, data from SILESTONE-BLANCO ZEUS and SILESTONE-BLANCO ZEUS tested
Bond strength Three -point anti-crack test: 32.6442Mpa-43.04494 Mpa
Flexibility(after joint) Free to bend any shape with a heat 150℃ to pure acrylic board and adhesive
Temperature tolerance -55℃/-67℉-185℃/365℉
Products Advantage: High effective, time-saving, professional, stable and environmental





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